May 18, 2011 We Knew This Day Would Come – Right?

May 18, 2011

I’m committed to being honest with my blog.  You know the proverbially cheerful face that Facebook statuses and blogs can have? Yeah – well, that’s not going to be me.  How authentic of a connection will we be maintaining with this blog if I don’t let you see the ups and the downs of this path we’re on?  Because we know for sure there will be both.  It’s a given.  So I’m going to be straight up about it.  Hope that’s ok with you.

Well, for me, this has been a week of counting the cost of our upcoming adventure. 

We knew this would come, right?

This week I’ve been counting the cost of the distance between me and my oldest daughters who will remain here in Canada.  I’m cherishing each moment I get to spend with Jennica (oldest) and already feeling the strain of missing Angelyse (second oldest – already moved to Winnipeg). 

My Mom, my sisters, my close friends, my spiritual community, my work friends….the works.  I know what I’m giving up with no guarantees of what I’m going to (stating the obvious). 

I’ve consoled myself with stories from other friends who have children living in other countries who tell me of the wonders of the internet, especially Skype for staying in touch (thank you Snipes and Edlingtons). 

I’ve also followed along with some adventures that friends are having in Dubai and Doha to keep me looking forward.  One of my friends this week said “I love living here!”  She has two children back home in Canada and two with her.  I’m hanging on to these things.

Here in Ontario (for those not here) we have had 5 days in the last 30 that did not have rain.  This useful fact brought to us by my solar powered husband.  This is not helping with the positive attitude generation, nor is it helping with getting our house ready to put on the market.

On the upside – I have so much work on my plate right now that if it all comes together I will likely have done a year’s worth of work in 6 months.  This will afford me the luxury of being unemployed guilt free until at least Christmas!  Now, there’s a thought that’ll keep me going all day!!

Here’s a great article about Qatar that ran in the Toronto Sun in April.  I’ll post part 2 in my next post.  This makes me really happy too.  I’m going to read it again right now.–siddiqui-qatar-is-the-thinking-man-s-dubai


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2 responses to “May 18, 2011 We Knew This Day Would Come – Right?

  1. Tracie – You will be there before you know it and by Christmas you will be wondering what happened.. am I really here? On such a smaller scale, Terry and I experienced the same thing moving to Niagara. I still wake up some mornings and say, ‘We made this happen.”

  2. Snip

    Yep…. “count the cost.” There is no free ride in life, is there? And of course, with any Big Adventure time, there is the simple stress of the unknown, which also plays into where you’re at now.

    It’s gonna be great… you’ll see. It better be: this LazyBoy traveler is looking forward to the reports!!

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