Letting Go…and Letting Kijiji

Well I’ve started the countdown and sometimes it takes my breath away.

I have 9 ½ weeks of work left and it’s 12 weeks until we fly out.  Wow. 

We’ve had set back after set back with regard to getting our house on the market.  I finally said “Tuesday, ready or not Tuesday!” …and Tuesday came and went.  This is it though.  Thursday night is as long as we can put this off.  I just hate to list before we’re completely ready and we haven’t been able to do that for a number of reasons.

I’ve discovered the wonders of Kijiji though.  How great is that? So much better than a garage sale.  Post an ad on Kijiji and before you know it, someone is at your door taking away your junk and handing you money.  I’m in love with this system.  Things are disappearing from all over the house!

While I have really looked forward to paring our life down to the bear essentials, there have been a few moments, where I have wanted to hang on to ‘stuff.’  I’m not talking about baby pictures or Christmas decorations – of course we’ll hang on to those.  But other things that are less meaningful.  It’s been a good excersize to look into my soul and ask, what about that adds to your value?  But as I wrestle with it and let it go the lightness is so rewarding.  As the ‘stuff’ disappears, what’s really meaningful becomes more focused.  

So I keep excavating – both my house and my soul.  It’s feeling good.  Mostly.


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6 responses to “Letting Go…and Letting Kijiji

  1. Snip

    Discipline, Tracie. Discipline. Do the hard stuff of trimming down now, and get on with it…

    And yeah.. Kijiji is awesome. Our last few hires have been off that as well.

  2. Janice

    I love Kijiji! We rented 3 apartments this past weekend…and we only advertised one! So many people responded to the one we posted that we were able to show the other two as well and they rented. We purged last fall, Tracie, and I can only think of one single item that I miss. It was a chaise lounge that I loved but it was too big to come with us. Still, them’s pretty good odds…

  3. I’m so glad to see Janice’s comment. We (I) have been stalling and stalling on advertising our house for rent. I have GOT to do that THIS WEEK already! Thursday. That’s your date? That’ll be mine too.

  4. When we were packing up nearly 3 years ago, we constantly had Butterfly Boucher’s “Another White Dash” in our heads. Like her, I found the freedom of owning next to nothing so exhilarating! In the months leading up to the big flight, no one who came over to our place left empty handed: You think that picture is nice? It’s yours! Oh, you like that shirt? Take it! You need a pair of slippers? I don’t – enjoy! You broke a wine glass? Take my set! Ahhh… the freedom of not being tied to things!


    • Absolutely! Well…once our house sells I’ll be doing that. Plus we have two girls staying at home who’ll be setting up houses, so we’ll be leaving things for them as well. You didn’t miss a thing did you!

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