Speechless? ….what me?

Ok – so some of you have commented how quiet my blog has been lately, and by my blog of course you mean me. Well, there are two reasons for that. One is, I promise not to write a post if I don’t have anything to say. That might be a rare occasion. You know me. I usually have things to say.

And secondly – I really am speechless.

There are so many details staring us down right now and a couple of big hurdles. I’ll be glad when the school year has ended (read: final exams, writing exams, marking exams, graduation – which Dave has been asked to speak at) and then I can have the full attention of my husband. You know, for tackling some of these details.

Our house is up for sale. It’s a great house  if you know anyone looking. Send them our way please. Once it sells we can start moving on getting rid of stuff. Until then, we kind of need it. Once it sells, Dave will load up a van full of useful stuff and head out to Winnipeg with Daughter #1 to see Daughter #2. The two of them will share the spoils of said useful stuff.

There are police checks and blood tests – neither of which has been straightforward. Daughter #3’s school registration. What to do with the dog. Yes, I’m sure it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but what to do with the dog has been (and maybe still is) a big decision. Lots of research being done.

In the midst of all of this, Daughter #1 has announced her engagement.  She’ll be married next summer in Winnipeg.  We’re so happy (such a nice future son-in-law I have)…but details!  Details mixed with distance. Yikes!

And on all of these things, the clock is ticking. Seven weeks of work left and 9 ½ weeks until we go.
So why have I been so silent? I’m paralyzed that’s why!
I’m fine. I’m just sparing you. And I’m paralyzed.

1) School year over
2) House sold

Then I promise I’ll go back to my happily chattering self. I’m sure you can hardly wait .


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8 responses to “Speechless? ….what me?

  1. Joanne

    We all love you Tracie and I’m sending all of my positive vibes from Winnipeg…… You’ll be fantastic, and things will all work out the way they should – even if it’s inclusive of some bumps. Just remember to enjoy every second of it – it’s all part of the process!

  2. Things will suddenly begin to flow all at once. I recall our 3 year journey to finally arrive in ‘Old Glenridge,’ almost one year ago now – I wake up every day wondering the same thing, “We’re really here. How did we do it?” Though you’re experiencing this on a much grander scale, y
    ou will be saying that soon enough. Meanwhile, if there’s anything that Terry and I can do to help, let us know.

  3. Niece #1

    Maybe you should bring Ruby out to Daughter #2?

  4. Whoa! I’m tired just reading what you are facing. I think you are speechless because you’re just busy and out of breath! I’m cheering you on.

  5. Kim Dupont

    Just curious, what kind of dog do you have…..

  6. Janice

    Nice thing is, in 9.5 weeks, it will all be over. You may have sustained a few bruises from the ‘bumps’ but you’ll be on your way! Anything left undone can be deligated to friends and family. That’s what we’re here for =) ♥

  7. Dorothy Hamm

    Been where you are now and it is all quite doable. Sold many of our possessions, displaced our children, (they were in university and we sold the family home out from under them, no going back!!) and left the country. Soon as we left, our daughter got engaged and we planned the wedding long distance. Easy. She planned and we wrote the cheques. She got her wedding her way and we showed up and had a great time. The Grooms parents were wonderful. Everyone was happy. Our son quickly became independant and bought a house filled with Knob and tube. He survived too, and learned alot. We returned five years later, became grandparents and everyone is happy. Yes, you can do this. Your life will become orderly and totally enclosed in ziplock baggies but you will survive and then write all these wonderful stories in your blog telling us about your new adventures. Need a shoulder? Just let me know. Meanwhile, the prayers of your friends will get you through. And the ziplock baggies.

  8. Oh you’re all so lovely and supportive. I’m feeling the love today. I know it will happen (in a kind of ‘ready or not your flight is boarding now’ kind of way). Responses:
    Niece #1 you’re so cute. Ruby will be coming for a visit. I think I’m leaving her with Jenn and Josh – that way Annie will have shared custody when they’re all in Winnipeg. Then I know she’s with the people who love her almost as much as I do.
    Kim – Ruby is a miniture, long haired daschund. So playful and sweet. She forces my work-aholic tendencies to play now and then.
    All you others offer love and support – it’s most appreciated. xo

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