Our house is finally sold and I’m breathing a big sigh of relief.  Having said that, there was about 30 seconds to enjoy that deep breath because our closing day is in 8 days!  That’s right.  There was a little glitch in getting the conditions met on our offer and once it did firm up it left us with a very short closing time.

So, we’re packing and sorting and pitching, just like we were before but now with a great deal of speed.  Imagine silent picture film music playing in the back ground and you’ll get the general idea.  Mostly Dave is doing the packing so far.  I’m still working and really trying to pry myself away from it. 

The people buying our house are moving here from New Zealand and don’t have much of anything yet so they bought a lot of our household contents.  How great is that?

The progression of the last couple of weeks has been interesting.  A couple of weeks ago while at Costco I realized it was time to start saying “can’t buy that, we’ll never get through all of it” and feeling some exhilaration at the thought that we were indeed getting closer.

Now, we’re starting to say good-bye.  Encounters are ending with “is this it, or will I see you again before you go?”  Yes, we are getting close.  I feel a strange mix of excitement for what’s to come, nervousness about making the details happen (there is a lengthy daily list happening) and at times a great big lump in my throat as I realize the distance I’m putting between me and my family and friends.  Knowing that the ground is shifting in the world of what I know and quickly moving into the world I will discover.  So far that world is internal.  I’m covering territory like, who am I when I’m not a realtor? What value do I have when I no longer own anything or when I’m no longer needed?  Why am I attached to certain things and books, half finished paintings and serving dishes?  When these things are stripped away it’s a very interesting study of the soul left behind.  I’m observing what’s being torn down and what’s being built?

Sorry – I can’t help but be a little philosophical in the midst of these changes.  It’s fascinating to me and a challenge that I’m loving.  But mostly, I’m flopping in to bed exhausted every night, trying to keep the myriad of details at bay for a few peaceful hours of sleep.  Well, that’s the goal.

A thumbnail sketch of our next few weeks goes like this:

July 29 – closing date and departure for Winnipeg with Jennica (daughter #1) and Honour (daughter #3) and Ruby (fur baby). We’ll be towing a trailer with some household items for the girls setting up homes.

A day or two later – arrive in Winnipeg, visit Ang (daughter #2) and Rob and Colleen (Dave’s sister) and their family and a number of friends, secure a venue for Jennica’s wedding next year, maybe set Ang up in an apartment and hopefully relax a little.  Even a little would be great.

Sometime around the 10th we’ll head back toward Ontario (do you like the way I skimmed over the saying good-bye to my girls part?) and visit Dave’s parents in Manitoulin and then my parents in Sarnia and arrive back in St. Catharines for a farewell party on the 14th.  If you’re reading this, you’re invited!

Then we fly out on August 17th

‘Nuff said!


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5 responses to “And…Exhale!

  1. Snip


    I really identified with the ‘internal’ part (been doing a bit too much of that myself the last too-long time).

    You’ll do fine 😉

  2. Well, I for one, know exactly what you should do when you realize that you are no longer a realtor – write! I know clear thinking when I read it and you have a gift for that. I think you have a lot to say – in a good way of course :>) Remember to breathe honey… Linda xx

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