Feeling the love…and a few other things

The countdown is on.  Two more sleeps.  It’s been an interesting couple of weeks and I’m grateful for so much.

Made the trip to Winnipeg with a Uhaul full of stuff for Jennica and Angelyse.  We had a breakdown a long the way. 

Grateful that this happened in the middle of nowhere but right in front of a little ‘pasties’ stand with the most kind and helpful owners who got us towed to possibly the most honest mechanic in Michigan.  He worked overtime on a Saturday afternoon and charged us $100 less than he quoted us.  We spent an afternoon by the water, enjoying the sun, and we were back on our way.

Had a really nice visit with the Kwade family (Dave’s sister and family) and with our daughter’s, with Josh (Jennica’s fiance) and Caroleen (Josh’s Mom). 

Said a very tearful goodbye to all of the above (including Ruby – beloved dachshund).  

Grateful that I have a family that I love so much it hurts to say goodbye.  We are blessed.

Visited Mom and Dad Giesbrecht in Manitoulin.

Grateful for their love and support.  Grateful that Dad sold our car while we were in Manitoba and was generous enough to lend us his to go back to St. Catharines with.

Ok so that van he was generous enough to lend us got stolen.  Not good.

Grateful for in-laws who take things in stride and who see the big picture.  Thankful for insurance. Thankful for rental cars.  Thankful for friends who are quick to help.

There have been parties and picnics galore.  Grateful for an awesome family and great friends.

Had a quick visit with my parents as well.  Grateful for them and their love.

Thank you to all the people who came to the party at the Campbell’s.  Thank you for the thoughtful gifts and cards.  As I was sitting after the party reading a number of cards Fiona remarked that she was sorry she hadn’t done anything thoughtful like that.  They’ve finished their basement (in a hurry) for us, built a futon frame, bought new bedding, opened their home to 60 ish people, cleaned before, chopped fruit, bought beer, made an incredible cake, and cleaned-up after…and all with a smile on their faces.  I wish they would have done something thoughtful too.  What were they thinking?  Seriously – a special thank you to them.  They have been over-the-top hospitable. 

Thanks to Jill who came from Ottawa and Paul and Margot and Robin who came from London.  Thanks to Janice, who overcame her car troubles (plus!) and came from Guelph.  And all of you locals who took the time to come and bid us farewell. We’re feeling so loved.

 Our last few days here are consisting of a dizzying amount of details and despite the sad part about saying goodbye – we’re feeling really ready to find OUR bed and unpack our things and give up the gypsy life of living out of a suitcase. 

I’m going to take a few moments tonight to forget about the details and focus on the excitment, the adventure and the possibilities that lie ahead.

But right now, I’m sure there’s something I should be doing.


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6 responses to “Feeling the love…and a few other things

  1. All that ‘wonderfulness’ that comes your way, has got to be the measurement of what you’ve given to all of us. Enjoy those memories recently created, to savour when you miss all of us – and don’t forget, when that pen runs out of ink, it’s time to come home..x

  2. Janice

    You are loved immeasurably. I’m also going to think ONLY of excitement, adventure and discovery tonight. I think that’s the only way I can get through the next couple of days without dissolving into a little puddle of selfpity =) Oh the wonderfulness of it all! The new home, friends, tastes, feels, sights, clothes, customs….language lol! The Persian Gulf everywhere!! You’ll be dipping your toes in it by this weekend haha!! Amazing! Here’s hoping your trip is uneventful (except for great events) and your arrival finds you rested and deliriously happy!! أ. حظ سعيد
    Janice <3333333333333

  3. Johnny MacDonald

    OK, so you must have thrown in the part about the stolen van to see if we were paying attention, right? If not, wow, what a week!!!! Safe travels! Johnny

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