First days and First Impressions

We’re getting used to some things around here.  The constant hum of air conditioners. The constant reminder that we’ve packed the wrong things.  The backward step into a land of things not green (both environmentally and landscapes).

For the first 4 days or so the A/C wasn’t working in about 4 rooms.  This included the master bedroom and one other bedroom. I couldn’t even unpack because I couldn’t go in there except to get what I needed and get back out.  The other 2 bedrooms had single beds.  So I slept with Honour…ugh.  I was so happy to have the A/C finally fixed and be able to sleep in my own bed that I wouldn’t even dream of complaining about the constant hum.  I know what happens when that constant hum stops!

We’re nearing the end of Ramadan now.  We don’t know exactly when that is but Dave will have about 5 days off when it’s over.  The appearance of the new moon determines the end of Ramadan (and the prayer and fasting that go with it) and the Eid ul-Fitr is then celebrated.  If you read the link – Eid sounds a little like Easter (which is at the end of lent).  New clothes, church service, food, family and friends, even presents.

I’m looking forward to the world around us opening up a bit more after Ramadan.  At present, everything is closed during the day and out of deference to those praying and fasting there is no eating or drinking in public.  At sunset (6:10 to be exact) stores and restaurants open up and many people celebrate Iftar – an evening meal after their day of fasting.  This is often a community event.  We were fortunate enough to be invited to a very elabourate Iftar dinner at the Four Seasons in Doha.  It was an incredible display of delicious food.  Everything from sushi to Indian food, roast beef, lamb, quail, salads, soups and a ton of desserts.  It was beautifully presented and as delicious as it looked.  For pictures of the Iftar dinner please visit my friend Kathy’s blog.  Her husband is an excellent photographer and he did it justice.  He also took the picture below of me at the dessert table.

It has been great to watch Honour adjust in such a short time.  The days are not exciting for her of course.  She doesn’t start school for about 3 more weeks, she’s fighting a cold and jet lag and sleeping a lot.  I’m not waking her – what for?  But she’s gone from being really nervous to really confident in less than a week. She’s doing great and is moving respectfully and comfortably with the different cultures around her.  She plans on going to Dave’s school with him tomorrow to help the Kindergarden teacher decorate her room.

We went to yet another mall last night (that’s 3 now) as this is where the bus takes us (can’t wait to get a car!).  They’re all lovely but I really liked this one – Landmark. Maybe because it had a Lush which I love!!  (I stocked up on Lush products before coming here…silly me).

I know many of you are waiting for pictures, but honestly, I’m inside during the day, at a Mall in the evening (sometimes), or swimming in the bath tub temperature pool.  When Ramadan ends, and when we have a car I’m sure there’ll be more pictures.  There are a few here though.  I hope I do better at uploading them this time!

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3 responses to “First days and First Impressions

  1. Nice job on the slide show! Looks like you’re mastering it.

  2. So great to hear and see the three of you! Sounds like your energy and spirits are great. That food looks amazing!

  3. I’m thinking that you should be more overwhelmed than you sound with all you’ve experienced in such a short time, but kudos to all 3 of you for taking it in stride. Mercury is till in Retrograde for a few more days, so anything electrical/technology (the AC) will be fine shortly :>) the next one isn’t until November/December.
    What does the night sky look like from where you are?

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