We Still Share Saturday – Beach Day!

It’s amazing how quickly and seamlessly we’ve shifted the week around.  I thought this was going to be awkward.

The work week here goes from Sunday to Thursday.  Friday is like our Sunday, typically spent with family and friends and for those who attend church, this is church day.  Yesterday we stayed in.  No shopping.  No work.  It was a nice day of rest.  A little cleaning and a roast chicken dinner.  It felt like we should have had company! And then Saturday is just like Saturday at home.  A day off, shopping, running errands or doing fun things.  Just like home.

Today we went to the Intercontinental Resort and Beach in Doha.  We couldn’t imagine what spending the day outside in this weather would really be like – but it was beautiful.  The temperature today is 38 (feels like 46).  As you can imagine, the stones around the pool were very hot on the feet as was the sand.  This was my opportunity to swim in the gulf and I know I’ve disappointed you in not taking it.  A couple of people braved the hot sand and went in, only to report it was like a hot tub.  No thanks – I’ll stay poolside.  Actually, for most of the time we just stayed in the pool.  That was totally fine. It was EXTREMELY enjoyable and being surrounded by green was nice too.  Once again – they served us an incredible buffet lunch.  Everything was delicious, and so many new things to try.

I was asked about how much Honour and I have to cover up, whether or not we had to cover our hair.  The answer, thankfully, is no.  We don’t have to cover our hair.  As far as dress is concerned it depends on where you’re going but usually it’s best if your shoulders and knees are covered.  So capris and a t-shirst are my usual attire.  Although you see almost everything, from full coverage (veiled faces and gloves) to those who don’t seem to pay attention (skirts over the knees and tank tops – that’s rare but we’ve seen it more than once.)  On the beach, it was full on beach attire.  Bikinis and the whole bit.

Now it’s our “Sunday night” – you know, the night before the week begins again.  So you’ll have tomorrow off, and our weeks are a little off from yours, but we still share Saturday.  I like that.

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7 responses to “We Still Share Saturday – Beach Day!

  1. What a magnificent beach! I bet you had to hop quick across the almost-white sand to get into the water. I noticed the beautiful architecture in the buildings behind. Your roast chicken dinner yesterday sounds like the quietest day you’ve had yet. You three seem to have hit the ground running!

  2. Oh my…. that beach! And, languishing poolside – and the food! You all look great and perfectly at home. You mayl NEVER come back now! =)

    • Where did that pen go? I can’t seem to find it right now…just kidding. It stays with the journal you gave me and is designated for a daily report of what happened. I’ll be interested to see how long the 7 year pen lasts!

  3. Shan Phibbs

    Thanks for all the updates Tracie – have never had any desire to visit that part of the world but find it interesting through your eyes. Pleased all three of you are settling in and finding your own stride. Loving the pictures.
    Love, Shan

  4. Sonya

    Hi Tracie – Great that things are going well. We are enjoying the updates.

  5. I feel bad for that lifeguard sitting there, especially since (as you mentioned) really, no one is swimming in the sea these days!
    Oh, and that’s the same beach where I saw Bryan Adams in concert last winter. 🙂

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