Pictures from Dave’s Morning Walk

I’m ashamed to admit that we have been here for 2 weeks now and I have allowed myself to be confined by walls and weather and other people’s vehicles (well, the lack of a vehicle of our own).

We live in a very small town (30,000 people) and apparently close to the sea.  I’ve now seen the sea from the roof of the club house at the compound so I know it’s true now.  When we heard that others in our compound had braved the weather and gone exploring in town we felt enough shame to get our ….eh hem’s in gear.

Dave and I and a very reluctant Honour went for a walk at about 9:00 p.m. last night.  The sun goes down at about 6:00 so you would have thought it would have cooled down a little.  It was like swimming through the air.  The last few nights have not been that hot.  We should have gotten our …eh hem’s in gear a little earlier.  We arrived home drenched, but we’d been to town and were the new owners of yellow lychee, mangos (from Pakistan and Egypt for taste testing) and a few oranges.

We did not make it to the sea.

Dave was determined though and headed out at 5:00 a.m.  He walked for 2 hours and was exhausted when he returned.

We do indeed live in a fishing village.  Here’s the evidence.

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10 responses to “Pictures from Dave’s Morning Walk

  1. Barb

    What kind of special beauty happens at the Canada salon? Do you get a maple leaf braided into your hair?

  2. Janice

    Oh Tracie! It’s so beautiful!! Oooooo……you should get a boat! Float your eh hems around on the Persian Gulf. How exotic!! =)

  3. Janice

    Oh ya….and Dave, you are an excellent photographer. Those pix look like they should be in a magazine!

  4. I can’t believe Dave did this. Jeff’s jealous… wish he had been there. Amazing pictures!!!

  5. Sandra

    Love the pics… especially the ones of the fishing Dhows. Such a different pace of life isn’t it? As for the Canada Beauty Salon, there must be at least one English speaking person there, as all the other beauty places in Kuwait always said “Saloon”. Odd thing for a dry (alcohol-abstaining) country, eh! We know it’s tough to get oriented in the heat, but in another month & a half, it will be quite enjoyable. Glad you’re getting around a bit. PS Eid Mubarak!

    • Eid Mubarak! Thanks for this. I’ve seen a few Saloons as well.
      I LOVE the pace so far. Of course it’s been one week of work and one off. Who can argue with that? And Honour hasn’t started school yet so I’m feeling like we’re on a perpetual holiday.

  6. Beautiful wooden boats. Serene sunrise. All the new architecture – new for our eyes! Great shots. Street lights along the shore?

  7. Dave could be a professional photographer as a new career when he returns to Canada. So glad that I am now registered on your blog. I wouldn’t do well there as I am not a heat lover. We also have a dear friend in Grimsby whose daughter Tracy Lee Zankl is living in Arabia. You can access her on facebook and see if you are close to each other. Tracy’s husband Dale is a Manager with Schlumberger. They have lived all over the world and I know you would really like her. Her girls would love Honor.

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