The Souq Waqif – My Favourite So Far

Last night we were taken to the Souq.  It’s a traditional Qatari Market…but all jazzed up.

You could buy everything there: cookware, spices (oh the spices!), fabric, shoes, fancy dinners, Baskin Robins ice cream, even animals.  I think the pictures this time will speak volumes, so I’ll keep the chatter to a minimum.

It was 5000 degrees and we dripped with sweat the whole time but I actually didn’t care.  I was having too much fun.

I’m sure we’ll be regular visitors to the souq.

First was a stop at Villagio Mall. Those pictures are mixed in (they are of the river, gondola, ice rink and carnival)

And then on to the Souq!!  Black and white photos compliments of Jeff Epp.  Click here to find more of his take on the evening.

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7 responses to “The Souq Waqif – My Favourite So Far

  1. Poor bunnies.. all I can think of!!

  2. Jill Morningstar-Janzen

    Amazing photos Tracie. What is the tall building with the circular edges that gets more narrow the higher it goes? You love spices, I love architecture.

    • Thanks for asking Jill. We wondered the same thing while we were there and I forgot all about it. I just looked it up. It the Mosque and Islamic Centre/Museum. It’s mission statement is …”to act as a guiding light to whole of mankind, and to help all non-Arabs to have a better understanding of Islam and culture of Qatar.” I’ll visit there at some point!

  3. Wow! The pictures leave me breathless. Looks beautiful and I wish you could send the smell of the spices too.

  4. Such beautiful spices, fabrics and scenery. Love that they are night shots!

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