First Walk in the Desert

Ok – I didn’t go for a walk in the desert.  My heat-loving-husband ventured out last night around sunset.  He says it’s cooling off.  That means the temperature dropped beneath 40.

All of the buildings you see here are our compound from different vantage points.  The sunsetting pictures are from the roof top of the club house over top of our house.  The ones after dark are the compound lit up.  As you can see, we live right on the edge of the desert.  This is my view while I’m walking on the treadmill.  I often have a little conversation with myself that goes something like this “see those people out there walking in the desert? (and yes, there are people walking across it during the day) Keep moving princess…you have A/C blasting and a bottle of water in your hand…don’t you dare quite too soon or I’ll send you out in the heat.”

Gorgeous pictures provided by my husband who was so pumped by the beauty he discovered.

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7 responses to “First Walk in the Desert

  1. Helen Giesbrecht

    amazingly beautiful, thanks for sending.

  2. Fall is on it’s way over here – my favourite time. How can Dave tolerate it – you are so smart and you must give ‘thanks’ every day for AC, I’m sure. Those photos are stunning. Dave has a wonderful, artist’s eye.

  3. I’m not that heat-loving. It really was a much cooler night. It felt more like the temp dropped below 30. Cooler weather is coming soon.

  4. Seriously beautiful pictures! And yes, it really is cooling off Tracie (coming from another heat-lover). As soon as I’m healthy again, I’ll be doing some of these walks myself!

  5. Fred Breukelman

    Tracie, just found your blog and love what I see! What an adventure for the three of you. Praying for you as you transition into a new community! Blessings to all of you as the new school year begins!

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