‘Twas the night before school…

twas the night before classes

and all through the house

the jitters were palpable

from the kid…AND the spouse.


They’ve prepared and imagined

they’ve made purchases and plans

but of the night before fear

there aren’t many fans


there’s no way around it

you have to go through it

there’ll be tossing and turning

until finally a ‘screw it’.


the alarm will go off

at a rude 5 o’clock

and they’ll be off on their day

with the rest of the flock


You’ll both be amazing and

We wish you the best

But the people you’ll meet

Are the ones who are blest.


Good luck tomorrow!


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10 responses to “‘Twas the night before school…

  1. Michele Taron

    Good luck to both Honour and Dave in their new beginnings! I made it through my first week back – thanks to a good dose of wine last night! You might want to try the same – just suggesting!

  2. What a great poem! Honour & Dave, I hope you both have a really good day!

  3. Cheri

    Good Luck ! Sending big cyber hugs to all!

  4. Snip

    Vs 3 is a popular solution for insomnia here too. Not necessarily effective, but what the heck, eh?


  5. Jola Genge-Drost

    Wonderfully said! I can feel the jitters all the way over here but the truth is in the last part, all those they meet are the ones that are blessed! All the best on your first day to all three of you! thinking of you! With love, Jola & girls

  6. Mandy J

    Work hard and play nice! And EAT YOUR WHOLE LUNCH for crying out loud!!! (sorry, that’s the only kind of first-day-of-school advice I know how to give…)

  7. Nathalie

    That was cute Tracie!Hope they made out ok!

  8. Janice

    Very clever….and touching! I hope everything is going well for them now.

  9. Aunt Pauline

    Tracie – I learned that life is for the living and all that goes with it, laughter, love, sometimes pain and other negative things but they are only temporary and did I mention laughter? I wish so much that distance didn’t prevent me from knowing you and yours better because I know from the blog how much we would have enjoyed having you in our lives. But the blog will bring us closer and what’s distance when it comes right down to it?

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