On The Eve Of More Changes….

We’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting for a couple of things to fall into place here and it looks like they’re both going to happen within 24 hours.

We’ve been here for almost 8 weeks.  Since I got my first car at age 16 I have not been without one for anywhere near this amount of time.  It’s been interesting.  Shops are close enough to walk to (maybe 20 minutes away), but it’s been too hot to do that, so we’ve relied on a bus that Dave’s school is providing for us a couple of times/week.  Which is great! And we have called local driver’s etc when we needed something other than that.

It’s not the end of the world, just inconvenient and life feels very small and confined.  8….weeks….!

Dave got his residency permit last week, which means he can get his license now (he just missed the license bureau yesterday so we’re hoping for today).  Unfortunately the car he has diligently researched and selected is now back ordered…figures…but who cares. We’ll rent a car until his car of choice comes in.  The rental is lined up and waiting and costs no more than a car payment.

The other thing is the shipment of our things from home.

We whittled (sold, gave, threw out, divvied up between children) our personal effects and shipped about 200 kilos of goods here.  We were allowed 400 kilos – and I should have used more of it. There are things we regret not bringing, but how were we to know what we’d like/need.

That shipment left our house and has traveled by ship to Qatar.  It left our home on July 22!  It didn’t take all that time to get here. It has been sitting in the harbour for quite some time.  Well we got an email today that it has passed customs and will be inspected tomorrow morning and delivered to us tomorrow afternoon.  Happy Thanksgiving to us!!

Here’s the thing – after painstakingly (and there was at times pain involved…relief and pain) culling our possessions to ‘just the important things’, I now can’t imagine what all is in there.

Oh there are some things I know for sure.  There are family photos for our walls and some decorative things (can’t remember what).  That will be nice.  There are musical instruments – yay!  My favourite drinking glasses, some clothes (whew! tired of this one suitcase worth of clothes) and ….maybe that’s it?

Any bets that there’ll be things that I’ll shake my head about and wonder what the heck I was thinking?

The picture below is a quilt made by the ladies of Silver Spire Church in St. Catharines. I threw it into a suitcase on a whim at the last minute. Couldn’t part with it – for some reason I love it.  I’m glad I did. It’s the only homey thing we’ve had to snuggle up with.

It’ll be interesting to see what I thought was important at the time when I was freshly separating myself from my material possessions.

If you had to say good-bye to everything but 200 kilos of stuff, what would it be?

Stay tuned for tomorrow.  I’ll let you into my shipment (aka baggage…aka psyche).

Thanks to the ladies of Silver Spire for the touch of homey-ness


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9 responses to “On The Eve Of More Changes….

  1. Snip

    200 kilos isn’t a lot, that’s for sure! I cannot easily imagine paring my life down that far… good for you!

    • It has been interesting. At some point maybe I’ll write about my growing need to do that (over the last few years) and what it meant to me…I think it’s tied up in my reason for being. Writing about it would help clarify that. Existential angst – it’s a theme I can’t escape no matter how I try. This blog might not be the forum for that sort of exploration but if I do write about it I’ll be sure to send it to you. I think we share this kind of thinking – where we parse everything to death. haha. Hope you’re on the mend John and getting stronger by the day!

  2. What to keep and bring would be very difficult, but you must feel so ‘light’ – and that quilt is stunning and maybe it’s the flowers and the colours they chose but that picture makes it look so gorgeous. I think it would look so good in my house Trace – lol. Good luck with the car and the freedom it will bring. Hmmm… light and free. Jealous here.

    • Hi Linda, With everything there is a benefit and a cost right? There is a lightness for sure. I have to say, I do not regret the upheaval of drastically reducing my stuff. There are things I miss, but none of the things I THOUGHT I would miss. (We’re talking about ‘things’ here of course…obviously I expected to miss my girls and my puppy…and I really do). It’ll be interesting to see today what I thought I would miss and want to have with me. Looking forward to another exercise of the soul.

  3. Terri McCallum

    After putting most of my belongings in storage last year I know exactly what you mean. I took my bed, my clothes, makeup and jewellery and some photos and books ( and TV ) to my new home. For the life of me I can’t remember half of what I have in there. The funny thing is that everything I collected over the years and spent a heap of money to do so , are all sitiing in cardboard boxes at my sons!! Important now? Not so much……..and the $129.00 a month to store it seems like such a waste. Will be going through it all shortly to give away or sell……..Actually looking forward to freeing up the space in the unit and my brain.

    • Terri – I really admire what you’re about to do. I had wanted to do a major purge for a year or so and never got around to it. Somehow motivating myself was difficult. But – definitely stop paying that $129/month! Think what you could do with that! You won’t regret it – you’ll love the light feeling. Love you girl! xo

  4. Elizabeth Barr

    Hang in there!!!! It will feel like Christmas more than Thanksgiving! Thinking of you 🙂

  5. Lucy Neufeld

    Nothing says “homey” like a quilt!

  6. Beth

    So fabulously fun to catch up on your posts and pics and hear your “voice” tonight! Love and hugs to you three from the Woelk4

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