What’s that Noise??

This is a true story.

Honour and I are sitting in the living room with laptops and TV on and I ask her…

“Do you hear water running?”



“Oh, ya I do.”

Dave comes in from the kitchen and I ask…

“Did you leave water running?”


“I hear water running.”

“I don’t.”

“Turn the TV down.”

“Oh, now I do.”

“In the bathroom?”


Dave opens the front door.

“It’s raining!!!!”


True story. We’ve been here for almost 4 months and it has not rained.  Aside from the last 2 days I’ve only seen 3 clouds. We forgot what it sounded like and how very cool rain is. I just love a rainy day.

I would think that the rain would just be sucked up into the dry desert sand but apparently it’s very hard ground right below the surface. Maybe it’s like a dry sponge. Here are some pictures of the day after from my car window. Standing water in the desert, didn’t see that coming!


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4 responses to “What’s that Noise??

  1. Elizabeth Barr

    Surprises around every corner! Love your description.

  2. Ronalda Jones

    It’s been raining here too. Is there such a thing as sympathetic weather? 🙂 Enjoy the precious drops!

  3. Janice

    Very cool! Your pix make me want to run and jump in the big puddles like a child! It’s been raining here too but it’s cold almost freezing rain….nooo jumping in the puddles around here.

  4. Sonya

    We thought of you a number of times on Thursday – Happy Anniversary!!! We miss you. Still love reading the blog. S & G

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