Off to the races – and other weekend activities

Thursday night the Qatar Foundation (Dave’s employer) treated us to a night at the horse races. Qatar is famous for their horses. They’ve gone to great lengths to preserve historic breeds that are just gorgeous. One of the sheikhs sons has a ranch and is dedicated to this.  Horses are very special to them and you can tell.

The evening was a perfect June-type night. Clear sky, not too cool and the almost-full moon hung above the track. There were friends and ponies to ride for the little ones and candy floss and popcorn and…you know, the makings of a perfect night out.

Betting in Qatar would fall under the same category as alcohol and pork – haram, verboten – not allowed! Against the law! It’s funny how we come up against these things and it shines a light on something inside ourselves that we didn’t know what there. I was not the only one that said “then what’s the point?” – REALLY TRACIE??  I don’t bet on anything. I’ve been to a casino once (and didn’t get the thrill), bought a lottery ticket twice and have never bet on anything else. I love horses (had several when I was a kid), love riding, love the beauty of it, love the sport…and the first thing I thought was “what’s the point” ???

Anyhow, the school must have felt the same. They brought 10 hat boxed and put them at the bottom of the stands and gave us all ballots. We could put our ballot in the number corresponding to the horse we thought would win.  There would then be a draw from that box and the winner would get gift cards to some retail stores. It’s not betting. Amusing.

Friday we went to church, sang some Christmas carols (something has to remind us tis the season) had lunch at an outdoor patio and then spent the afternoon in Al Bidda park. It overlooks the corniche and has the most beautiful view of the bay and the skyline. Again, a gorgeous day. Most days are right now. Beautiful mid-day and when the sun starts to go down at 4:30-ish the cool night air sets in really quickly. There were a lot of families enjoying the day at the park and some of the children were making use of the skate park, without skateboards (see video below – I doubt the designers had this in mind…but what the hey).

Honour had the privilege of going to the opening of the Arab Games on Friday night and said that it was incredible. Unfortunately, for all of us, she didn’t have a camera. She also got to take in the gymnastics the next day. But just in case you think she’s experiencing some incredible things – in her words “it’s SO boring here, there’s nothing to do.” Some things change just because you board a plane. Teenagers are teenagers.

The weekend ended with a perfect view of a complete lunar eclipse. Incredible!

Honour and Dave are back to school today – one last week before the December holiday. Honour will be taking her first international solo flight and will be coming back to Canada for a couple of weeks. Wonder how that snow is going to feel given that she keeps complaining about being cold here. 😉

Dave and I are looking forward to Sri Lanka. I can’t promise blogging, but I’d like to think that I will.

Here are the pictures of our last few days.

The unusual use of the skate park.


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3 responses to “Off to the races – and other weekend activities

  1. Wow very cool. Mmmmm perfect June type weather. You guys are lookin good! Sunday night love to you.

  2. So funny! I have a video of Jeff and Kaiya doing *exactly* that at the skate park. And isn’t Al Bidda Park beautiful? AND I’m so glad you gave much better coverage of the horse races than I did! I’ve included a link to your blog in my post. AND… I’ve never seen Jeff show so many teeth in a smile ever before. Hysterical!

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