Little Women – Happy New Years

It’s New Year’s Eve and there’s no avoiding our yearly tradition of taking stock of the last year. I won’t drag you over it, we all know how it went down and the changes that this year has brought for our family. It’s all pretty much documented here.

I’m just going take stock of this one thing, that you may not have seen as clearly as I have.

This move has brought challenges and rewards, as any risk and change does. I’d like to give a little shout out to my girls on this post. My Little Women. They have been so incredible with the changes that have happened. It has not been easy for any of them but watching them navigate this year has been really impressive for me.

Honour of course has been taken from a school she loved and a culture she knew to the unknown. To the desert. It has been incredibly challenging (and yes, that’s the upbeat, overly cheery way of saying ‘difficult’) for her. Settling into an international school of expats and Qataris when you’re one of only a few fair skinned, fair haired girls (and gorgeous…can I just say?) has had all the ups and downs of fame. People loving you and wanting to be your friend, and not loving you for all the same reasons. But she is a trouper and she has navigated it with a lot of grace and wisdom. Rather than be a shrinking violet she continues to be her outgoing self and has earned the lead in the school play this year (which is Grease…she is the perfect Sandy don’t you think?). Honour is the social butterfly of our family. Her interpersonal skills have been put to the test this year – and she has excelled.

Annie surveyed the changing terrain and noticed that everyone was making plans to leave town and start something new and was quick to make some positive decisions for herself. Not to be left behind but to be the first to leave (“you’re not leaving me…I’m leaving you!”). Good for her. She gave her two weeks notice at work and hopped on a bus for Winnipeg. Her original intention was to spend a couple of months with Dave’s sister Colleen (and family) and then to come back to Niagara but found that she really loved Winnipeg. She got a job (that she seems to work night and day at!) and found some great friends and now has an apartment of her own and is saving money for the next adventure. So proud of her and the way she is creating her life. Not letting it happen to her but making it happen.

Jennica has moved to Saskatoon with Josh (our son-in-law-to-be) where the jobs are plentiful and where Josh’s family is. She has been working hard as well at a couple of different jobs and is enrolled to start university (again) in January. Even though she is the oldest, and very independent, this hasn’t been easy for her either. She is very tenderhearted and likes everyone in close proximity. Being all spread out would not have been her choice but she is making the best of it and continues to shine. Those close to her in Saskatoon were the benefactors this year of her incredible baking, cooking, knitting…and all round nurturing skills. We are so happy that Jenn and Josh lived with us for 8 months or so before coming here. It was a really special time and it gave us a chance to get to know Josh, and what an incredible human being he is.

We are so proud of these girls. Their courage to live authentic lives, the love and compassion they move in the world with and the light and joy they bring to our lives…there are no words to express our love and admiration for them.

Thanks to all of you for following us this year via this blog. It’s been fun to have you along with us.

May 2012 be a very special year for all of you,

May you follow your dreams with courage,

May you love with a greater love than ever before,

May your understanding of the world around you deepen,

And may kindness find you wherever you are.

Honour, Jennica and Angelyse


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15 responses to “Little Women – Happy New Years

  1. michele taron

    wow, Trace – beautiful post and even more beautiful picture of your three women – but, look at their heritage! Happy New Year, my friend!

  2. Ronalda Jones


  3. What a beautiful tribute Tracie! I love your New Year wish and quoted you on FB. Happy New Year to you! Enjoy your champagne! 🙂

  4. Linda Booy-Korvemaker

    What a great tribute to your Little Women – have you ever considered a writing career Tracey – your stories and reflections are so enjoyable and heartwarming – happy new year to you and dave!

  5. heather gillatly

    wow! tracie, such a gorgeous family. it seems that they are all settling down but it must have been quite an adjustment for everyone.

  6. Kim Dupont

    Thanks Tracie for all your wonderful blogs! Its been amazing to hear of your journeys and all you and your family are doing! You have beautiful girls and looks like you and Dave have done a great job!! Happy New Year!!
    The Duponts, Marc, Kim, Allie, Taylor and David

  7. Got goosebumps reading that… thanks, Tracie.

    I wish strength and perseverance to you… don’t lose yourself in this new place.

  8. You must be so proud. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure!

  9. Janice

    I’m speechless, Tracie. And more than a little misty. Such a beautiful tribute. You have inspired so many words in my mind – courage and love at the forefront. You are an amazing person and a truly motivational communicator. Thank you (and God) for that! Looking forward to sharing the next year with you and your wonderful family as your adventures continue……Love always, J

  10. Matthew

    I’m rather fond of them myself. Sure do love those cousins of mine (and my aunt and uncle too). Many blessings and happy new year!

  11. Lynda

    Loving you All…..with all my heart…XO

  12. So beautifully said and so beautifully ‘illustrated’ your little women are indeed beauties, each in their unique ways and so very lucky to have the love, support and encouragement of their equally adventurous parents.

  13. Sandra Polson

    LOVE the photo. What interesting and amazing young women they are. Did I mention beautiful? You done good, mom and dad. Daughters are your specialty.

  14. Joan B

    Your girls are all strong & brave but I especially love the spirit of Annie, in leaving you all first!
    In a year of change & discovery for your whole family there was no way she was being left behind.

  15. Just got to this now, Tracie. Really beautiful.

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