Back In The Saddle….

Well it seems like a good time to start exercising my blogging muscles again. When we first came to Qatar, and I was going to go from a job and a half to no job at all, I think I was nervous about all that open space in the calendar. I’m a busy person. I like to be busy. Correction – I’ve always liked to be busy. Something has shifted though…I suspect it has something to do with the shifts that have taken place in my body over the years. I’m either getting old or wise I’m not sure. Hopefully both.

So when I was staring down the free time in my calendar I decided that now would be a good time to take some university courses that I’ve always wanted to take. Why not, with oodles and oodles of time coming my way?

What I didn’t expect was that I was going to absolutely love all that space in my calendar.  Days went by, spent in complete silence, with no need of voices or music or even much reading. I’m not sure what I did exactly, although now that I’m working full-time again our house and our meals reflect what I was doing. It was easy to spend a day sorting and organizing and re-connecting to my love of cooking and baking. I would sometimes feel so amused at the ‘new me’. I would try to put on music (because finally I had time to really listen) but would only last a few minutes, preferring the peace of the silence. It was very strange and very unlike me. I let it be what it was and wondered how long it would last. I predicted a couple of weeks. Maybe I was detoxing from my busy life.  Shockingly, it lasted about 3.5 months.

The two courses I decided to take (Intro to Sociology and Intro to World Religions) were neglected. Sociology had the first due date and that was March 31st. I had to have all assignments in and write the exam by that date. I wrote the exam on that date, finishing the final big essay about 4 days before that. Some things about me haven’t changed one bit (right Mom?).

The course was great. Of course if I didn’t rush it I would have learned even more. Each person is assigned a Tutor to help out and she is the person who marks my assignments. She, unknowingly, spurred me on to keep blogging.

My final essay was a huge rush and wasn’t given anywhere near the time it should have been given. In the end, I had to push the ‘submit’ button and get it in because the exam deadline was looming. I didn’t feel that good about it.

*bragging alert…shameless bragging about to happen

I got a shocking (to me) 100% on the essay. I didn’t know they were even allowed to give those out in University. But the tutors’ comments meant even more to me.

“Thank you for an excellent read. Probably the best such submission I have yet received in this course. [Your writing style—phraseology, use of words, insight and analysis are excellent. I wonder whether you have considered writing as a career?]”

Now, don’t be offended. I know there have been plenty of you who were complimentary about my writing…but you know me and like me, for some reason that makes it count less.

And so on that note….I think I’d better pick up the blogging gauntlet again and keep practicing.

Thanks for your patience while I’ve been off writing other things.

The World Religions deadline seems so very far away (end of September). Note to self…IT’S NOT SO KEEP WORKING!!


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14 responses to “Back In The Saddle….

  1. I absolutely agree with your tutor – hope I have some credibility – if it helps, I don’t really like you : )))

    Linda x

  2. Tracie… I absolutely, whole heartedly agree with your tutor ~ if I don’t have any credibility, maybe this will help… I don’t really like you : )))

    Linda xx

  3. agnes

    Glad you are back to blogging! Keep exercising the writing muscle. By the way, I get the silence thing. Shutting down the internal and external noise allows ‘hearing’ in new ways.

  4. snip1234

    … and here I was wondering what had happened to BloggerTracie. She’s BAAAACK!

    Wonderful to read the comment from your tutor. Writing is a definite skill and needs practice to be refined. It is for that reason that I blog, actually (I’ve even started a second one, which I should start using more)… but at some point I would like to get beyond that platform to something more focused and less about me. But that takes discipline and intellectual energy, both of which remain in rather too short supply these days, although that is getting incrementally better.

    Glad to see you are back at it again!

  5. snip1234

    Oh, and on the silence: I actually crave it. The house is often empty except for me, and Beloved occasionally fusses and apologizes about that, but I constantly assure her it’s OK. I don’t tell her I love it, of course, because that might hurt her feelings… a year of hovering over me like the excellent mother hen she is has probably ingrained something in her (in both of us, perhaps), but the newish experience of being alone is great. We’re both very quiet folk, tho, (don’t laugh… it’s true) so the silence thing is not new… but the absolute silence sort of is, for me. Love it.

    I find my mind wanders in different paths when in those times. Deeper. More godly, if I can say that. It has given me new insight into the scriptural “wilderness” passages.

    OK… enough. This is Tracie’s blog, John.

  6. Jola Drost

    Thank you, thank you! I’ve missed reading your blogs! and i’m so glad you’re getting such positive feedback! 100% is amazing and fantastic. Have you ever considered writing as a profession before? I’d devour any Tracie writing that I could get my hands on! So glad you’re back. xo Jola

  7. Joan B

    Your tutor’s comments don’t surprise me at all. We all knew you had it in you! You go girl.

  8. What a great boost! You truly have a great wizardly way with words my dear!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your World Religions course. With an athiest in our house, we have lots of great, insightful conversations about religions. Our latest is learning just how many religions have a saviour born of a virgin in a humble place. They were all called a healer, deliverer, saviour, fought the powers of darkness, then descended into hell only to rise again, establish a group of believers who initiate with baptism and remembered with grape juice/wine and bread. And most of these were well before Jesus was born!

    It’s so fascinating!!

  9. Janice

    Ya. What they said =) Soooo looking forward to more tdg blogging!! Congrats, Sister!! Love you ❤

  10. Helen Giesbrecht

    Tracie I am so proud of you. I too enjoy your blogs, and appreciate, the openness with which you communicate. Love you, Mom

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