Lessons from school 3 – The Freedom of Faking It

One of the most inspiring and loving teachers at the school encouraged me with this one day:

When the bell rings, it doesn’t matter what happened in the morning at home, what’s happening with anyone else in the school or what you’re going to be doing after school….when the bell rings you are the teacher, the only teacher these children have so act like it. You are now an actor. Whether you feel like it or not, play the part of a good teacher.

Be there.

Be with them.

Listen to what they’re saying.

Give them your full attention.

For the rest of the day they are all that matter.

Loving them, being kind to them and teaching them is all that matters.

It’s good advice for all of life.

When someone is in front of you, be present with them. (This just in….I’m currently semi-ignoring my husband to write this post).

As I’ve striven to put this wisdom into practice I’ve learned that this is not just good for the children, it’s really good for me!

Focusing on the present and what is going on right in front of me frees me from all the other things that worry and distract me.  Anything that is vying for my attention is deliberately put on hold. I have a pass from fretting about it, at least for the time being.  Focusing on them becomes a little like centering meditation.

What a gift!

Thank you to my colleague and friend who highlighted this for me. You have taught me, and changed me for the better.


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6 responses to “Lessons from school 3 – The Freedom of Faking It

  1. Elizabeth Barr

    I haven’t responded often, but want to let you know that I really enjoy your posts! Thanks Tracie Hugs to you and Dave.

  2. I love this Tracie.. thanks for sharing

  3. Linda Booy-Korvemaker

    Wisdom….thanks Tracie!

  4. Colleen Kwade

    I was just commenting to Caelyn, Nick and Sara over breakfast this morning about how kids don’t know how to be in anything but the present moment, and how long it takes for an old person (like me) to remember how to do that. (I think their eyes were glazing over, but polite all the same…)
    Have fun, kiddo! Can’t wait to see you!

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