A Summer Summary – from the Sand to Saskatoon and Back Again

It’s been quite a summer. Not one we’ll forgot or get mixed up with any other summer of our lives thus far.

The short version of the story is that in our 9 week summer we:

  • changed time zones 7 times
  • packed up our suitcases and changed beds 21 times
  • drove no less than 3700 km
  • 2200 of those kms in a 1990 Honda Accord with 5 adults and a dog
  • enjoyed the wedding of our eldest daughter
  • threw a ‘wedding party’ in Niagara for those who couldn’t make it to Saskatoon
  • and spent 2 days touring Rome. Not 2 in a row, one at the beginning of the summer and one at the end


Now, you might be tired just reading that but you should also know that, somehow, there was incredible down time.

We spent 4 days at my parent’s home in Sarnia. Four days with octogenarians is pretty peaceful and quiet and was a really welcomed start to our summer.

Our whole family spent 4 days at the family cottage of our new son-in-law and 3 days at the homestead/cottage of his aunt and uncle (both in Saskatchewan).  Dave and Honour and I also spent 2 days on Lake Huron with friends.

Cherry Lake - THIS I hope to blog about!

There were many challenges along the way but, believe it or not, nothing that ever reached the breaking point. Not ever. Not even close. That is nothing short of miraculous.

By the end I have to admit I was looking forward to coming home to our little apartment in Doha, where I know where everything is, where my suitcase gets unpacked and my weird groceries-of-choice are stored in the fridge and cupboards. I was also (I’ll admit again) looking forward to being unemployed. At least for a little while. At least while I caught my blog up and told you about all the great parts of the summer.

But alas that was not meant to be. Waiting in my inbox when I got home was a request from the school for me to teach Grade 3 for a month. Due to some sort of complication they find themselves desperate (why else would anyone ask me to do this!).

So I feel like I’ve been thrown into the deep end but I love a challenge. I love new experiences and I love where my personal philosophy (never say ‘no’ only because you’re scared) is taking me this time.

I’ll try to get a couple of posts done so you can see pictures of where we’ve been. There are a couple things in particular that I’d like to write about, and you’d like to see wedding pictures at least right?

I thought the 2nd year might be a little less adventurous. If the start is any indication….I was dreaming!

P.S. We have already arranged to rent a house in St. Catharines next summer. We will have a lot more time for visiting friends at a leisurely pace. That’s the plan anyhow.


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7 responses to “A Summer Summary – from the Sand to Saskatoon and Back Again

  1. Janice

    It was so nice to spend time with you but I have to admit I missed your blogs =) Love the pic. There has to be a “blame it on the dog” joke there somewhere. Poor little Ruby ~<XD

  2. Adventure is awesome…life should continually be filled with them. Love that you are back to blogging. Missed you!

  3. Terri McCallum

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  4. Pauline Brock Phibbs

    The wedding pictures we did get to see were beautiful Tracy. Isn’t it hard to believe that your girls are getting married now? It sure is for me! Uncle Vern and I are looking forward to Wayne and Em’s arrival on Wednesday for a week. It will be nice to return the hospitality as we spent a couple of weeks with them in January in Florida. Next year we have been married 50 years so just booked a cruise to Alaska for next September. We purposely never took a cruise so we would have something special for our 50th and so far, so good -we’re both still here! Your Uncle is not a partier (although we all know he once was) and hates a fuss so this is our way of celebrating along with a week in a houseboat in Schuswap Lake next summer.with the whole family (there are 14 of us now). The houseboat sleeps 20 so that should be fun. Our dear friends, Wayne and Donna Conley have a daughter who lives in Dubai and grew up and was friends with Deanna. Her name is Tracy Zankl, her husband is Dale and he is the head honcho for Slumberger. They have two daughters who attend the International School there. Enjoy reading your blogs and can tell that you have oodles of friends which, in turn tells me you have a fulla dnwonderful life. Love you kiddo! AP

  5. Joan B

    Congratulations Tracie on the teaching position! That is going to be an awesome experience.
    I hope that next summer we might have a chance to hook-up for lunch or something & I’m looking forward to your blog once again. Cheers!

  6. Mary Demko

    Thought i saw you at The Kilt and Clover one night as I drove by. I was going to stop and now that I know you spent some time in the city I wish I had. Maybe we can connect the next time your in town!

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