Holidays – Clam Digging Adventure

This week we’re on holidays. Many of our friends have travelled to other countries for the week. We have friends currently enjoying Bali and Oman and Thailand and Tanzania. Bon Voyage friends. Hope you have great adventures.

We are staying put. Rest, sun, sightseeing in our own backyard, that kind of thing.

Yesterday some friends took us out clam digging. These friends are from the West coast of Canada. They have property on an island by the ocean. So they already know all about clam digging and many other things about the ocean. We compared notes of growing up beside one of the great lakes and the ocean. It’s like the difference between growing up in the wild, wild, west and downtown Toronto!

I enjoyed learning all kinds of things. I found (apparently) a huge sea cucumber. Of course I stepped back, and with all the fear of a squeamish school girl said “Ewww! What’s that?” And my friend…with great delight…picked it up with her bare hands and comically squirted the water out of it’s mouth and handed it to a nearby child. I consider it good fortune that I found it…and even better fortune that she handed it to someone else.

Another sea-marvel moment was after the clam digging was finished and we were standing out in about 3’ of water chatting and a fish of some kind skipped like a stone skipping over water, right between my friend and Dave. I am accused at times of exaggerating and being particularly bad at estimating size and distance so I’ll tell you that Dave said, it must have skipped for fifty feet. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was incredible!

The day felt a little like something someone would write a children’s book about, complete with beautiful illustrations. The sun sparkling on the green/blue sea, the tide out and everyone bent over examining the rocky, sandy floor and digging for treasure. Gorgeous food-type-treasure that comes packaged in colourful shells. Skipping-flying-fish. Sand on the feet, towels, shoes, bottoms, car floor…everywhere. Friends. Shared picnics (with those who weren’t thinking to bring one). It was absolutely perfect.

And now I have a jar of clams on my counter.  Just a serving size because Dave, and likely Honour, are allergic to shellfish. Apparently overnight the clams were going to ‘spit out the sand’ and be ready for cooking tonight.

We’ll see how that goes and I promise a picture, no matter the outcome.

So far, our holiday is off to a very lovely start.

At one point, someone in our party said “What I’d like to do is go off to a far away place and live a very quiet life.” My friend and I had the same response…isn’t that what we’re doing?

Be here now.

Photo credits to David.


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5 responses to “Holidays – Clam Digging Adventure

  1. How fantastic! I’d love to go with you next time.

  2. Elizabeth Barr

    What a wonderfully illustrated story for me to enjoy on the very grey Sunday, here in Ottawa! Thanks ….

  3. Thank you for sharing your far away place with us ♥

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