Something New to Make Me Giggle

Something new to make me giggle.

We finally got to snorkel today and I must say, it was worth the wait.

We went very early (for someone who would prefer to, but really can’t, sleep in on holidays). We all met at 6:30 and headed back to the snorkeling location in northern Qatar. Back past the lizard, of course he wasn’t there today, but the snorkeling guide was! Yay. And he was great. In typical Qataresque fashion, the guide was from Zimbabwe, and the others in our group were from Australia, Manitoba and Ontario. It’s the way we roll here.

I apologize for no pictures. I’m not sure how you can take a camera snorkeling. Although Dave has now decided we should have an underwater camera because he’s sure we’re going snorkeling again. And why not?

It was a 20-30 minute kayak out to the reef and we snorkeled for about an hour. That was plenty. By then I had sucked in several mouthfuls of salt water and had seen lots of sea urchins, a giant crab and another thing that I thought was part of the unmoving coral…until it moved. It looked like a football sized potato bug. Ick. I mean, very interesting.

Of course we also saw lots of fish. Not spectacularly colourful but all a very beautiful sight just the same. And we have a kayak so there’s no reason we couldn’t do this trip again and again. And maybe we’ll have a camera next time.

We did learn, from our helpful guide, what the rock-skipping-like-flying-fish-like fish was that skittered between friends the other day. He says they’re needle fish…or something like that. I’ve tried to find a you tube video or something to give you a visual but no such luck on that front either.

The exciting part was that they were out in full force today! They were skipping all around our kayaks.  So many of them. Several times they nearly became passengers in the kayak! If you looked only at the water close to your boat, and thought only about how your shoulder muscles were starting to hurt and tire, you could have missed them. I know this because my muscly husband (who was not feeling the things I was feeling in my body) was the one who said “Keep your eyes on the horizon and you’ll see lots of them.”

I yelped like a little kid and pointed almost every time I saw one. I tried to keep a lid on things after a while, it was a little embarrassing and I don’t think Dave appreciated the break in paddling every 30 seconds. But they make me giggle like only a few other things in life do. Like parasailing. I always wonder if the guys in the boat can hear me giggling. Other things that make me giggle are the sound of bagpipes coming in the parade, the first snow, dachshunds and the sound of canning lids snapping in the kitchen.

And now? Needle fish skipping in the ocean. What a great day.


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5 responses to “Something New to Make Me Giggle

  1. Sandra DeVisser

    Needle fish are very neat…John and i saw all kinds of them while snorkeling in Curacao last fall!

  2. I made the same noise with the same frequency, and felt the same need to suppress the yelping after a while. I’m surprised you couldn’t hear me, but then again, I couldn’t hear you. The flying fish were indeed the best part of the day. (except maybe for the detour to Al Khor…)

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  4. Michele

    The most relaxed I’ve ever felt was in Aruba, snorkelling with my family. Thankfully, I had learned how to breathe in my pilates classes and felt such a sense of peace while I was snorkelling with the fish. It was an amazing experience, one that I’d like to repeat over and over again! Lucky you!

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