Resting and Blooming

Well, it’s back to school tomorrow. Holiday is over. It’s been peaceful and quiet and restful. We’ve treated our home like a holiday place. We went out for dinner lots, slept in here and there, watched movies, enjoyed National Day, did a lot of reading and writing and took a leisurely evening drive to watch the camels train. That kind of (yawn) exciting stuff. Pretty much exactly as we’d imagined and hoped for. What we didn’t do was clean and organize the kitchen cupboards, closets and bedroom. It’s a small apartment, it would have taken a day. We didn’t know which lazy one to give up though, so it remains undone. We also managed to avoid the jetlag that many of our colleagues will arrive at work sporting tomorrow. Mind you, they’ll have adventures to tell. That’s the trade off. But for what we needed and wanted, it’s been a really nice 19 days off.

One unexpected pleasure has been watching the plants we planted a few months ago start to bloom. There’s always that little in between time when you transplant things. They feel the shock, wilt a little, look like they’re going to croak and then….well, and then you wait with bated breath because it could really go either way.

For the most part we’ve had amazing success. The cherry tomatoes are ripening on the balcony. I’m never really sure why we plant veggies, by the time ours are ready so are the veggies in the markets and they’re practically giving them away at that point. Next year I’m going to put more time and energy into drying, freezing and maybe even canning.

But the biggest charge I’m getting is how incredible the bougainvillea and gardenia are looking. Even since I took the pictures the other day the buds are coming out even more and my balcony is a riot of fuchsia pink and smells like heaven. I do love the smell of those pure white gardenia flowers. I’ll admit I’m getting a bit dizzy inhaling them so rapidly. Woohoo!

A fresh new year is upon us. I think I’ll take a lesson from my flowers and do what I can to settle my roots in, drink lots of water, turn my face to the sun and bloom happily where I’m planted. Right here in the desert.





I keep trying to get a picture of how big the sun can look here. It’s amazing. I’m not sure this does it exactly but it’s getting there. On our way to the camel track.



Camels in the twilight. My favourite time of day.







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2 responses to “Resting and Blooming

  1. Tracie! I can not! believe that you are becoming blase about camels! Time to come home. Where we have cows. And donkeys.

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