Answer The Phone….Life is Calling

This picture is the moment I started to laugh. The moment the whole crazy story of life made me shake my head and say…how did we get here?

Who would have ever imagined this scene 5 years ago!

Who would have ever imagined this scene 5 years ago!

Years ago I needed to find a Realtor in Winnipeg for clients who were moving there. There’s a method for me to do this,  and so far it has worked really well. After I’d employed my find-a-Realtor-who’ll-treat-my-clients-like-I-do technique of locating such a person, I do a final test. I like to have at least 2 in mind. The final step, is sending an email and seeing how quickly they respond.

Joanne was one of my final 2 for Winnipeg. She responded to my email within minutes and after a brief conversation she’d won my heart and was hired for the job. Instant connection. Since that day we’ve met in person only twice but have kept in touch. Joanne is the kind of person that feels like you’ve known her for ages. (By the way, the other Realtor called back 2 days later….uh no).

So when I got an email from her in September saying that she was planning a trip to Bahrain and Dubai and should she add Qatar to her itinerary I was beyond excited! Not only would it be great to reconnect with Joanne but I love showing people around Qatar.

Showing people the sights of Qatar always helps me to remember the beautiful things that are all around me that I can start to take for granted. Joanne is the 7th person who has come to visit us. Everyone has loved their stay. Everyone has had different takes on what they were seeing and how they were processing the differences in our cultures. Every single one was pleasantly surprised.

So, Royal LePage has once again brought people into my life, and is still bringing people into my life in very meaningful ways. I’m so grateful. (Side note…I can still help you find a Realtor in any city in the country. I still have connections and I’m still keeping in touch with them. Call me.)

My advice? Make friends, answer calls, talk to people, make connections. You never know, it could land you on the back of a camel in the desert in middle of nowhere laughing your head off and wondering what life will bring next!

As a record of Joanne’s trip, here’s what we did. In one short weekend we went to the Souq, Sheikh Faisel Museum (which I love and which deserves a post of its own), Museum Of Islamic Art, Katara Village, the beach with a dip in the sea (on Joanne’s list of wishes), a mall (yippee), listened to Reggae on the beach, took a trip around the camel race track (sadly not racing but we tried) and went dune bashing. Whew!

Apparently we stop taking pictures at the 7th guest. We do have some. The pictures below are of our day dune bashing. There is a video at the bottom of the page of what that looks like. It’s crazy, and one of my favourite things to do here. It is a drive through the desert (with a very experienced and talented driver) to the Inland Sea. We arrived there at sunset as you will see below. Across the Inland Sea is Saudi Arabia. But before we arrive there we have a hair raising trip through the dunes and a stop along the way to play in the sand and of course a camel ride.











Yes….this is dune bashing. Can you hear me squealing from inside? At the bottom of the page there is a video of this excitement.


The Inland Sea


Joanne, soaking in the sunset.


Happy Campers.


Dune bashing you ask? This is it….with our expert driver Hazem. He’s the best. You’ll notice that Hazem really likes Canadians.


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13 responses to “Answer The Phone….Life is Calling

  1. Truly awesome Tracie! I love how your adventures remind me that you really don’t know what’s around the corner, and there’s a LOT of life left!!! Have a Merry Christmas, and may 2014 bring you health, happiness, and more crazy stories!!!

  2. Lynda Carlyle

    Oh my!!! I LOVE this!! ……and the camels look healthy & happy! Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 09:38:36 +0000 To:

  3. Laura

    Sounds like you could start a touring company too….I totally want to come!

  4. … and here I was just yesterday wondering what had happened to your blogging 😉

  5. Wheeee… living your life “Out Loud!” And, soon you’ll be taking home some winter memories back to the sand dunes. I got a kick out of seeing the Canadian flag atop the truck and by the way, Joanne looks very fulfilled…

  6. It’s so fun for us to see you having fun! Enjoy! And have a merry Christmas.

  7. fibrefoxx

    Amazing pix! And it really is that beautiful there. Thanks for taking me on a trip down memory lane =) Ah, Qatar. You rock.

  8. Nancy Luft

    Thre is something Magical about adults playing!!!! We get so bogged down in everyday things we overlook the joy of life!

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