International Living – So Much Excitement

Well it’s been an exciting weekend (yours is just beginning but ours is just ending).

We are in the top 20 in a contest to win a one month trip to Panama to “test drive retirement.”

Here’s the fabulous part, we were already talking about possibly going to Panama this summer. It has been on our list of retirement options for quite some time and while we’ve lived in Mexico and Honduras and visited (Dave) Nicaragua and Costa Rica, we’ve never actually been to Panama. So, as retirement starts to get a little closer, we were thinking it might be time to actually see Panama for ourselves. The countries we’ve visited are also on our list, as is Ecuador and maybe (trailing the others) Spain.

Basically I’ve been following real estate trends in these countries for years watching for affordable options. Of course it can’t just be affordable. There are other factors to take into account. All of the factors though are drawing us to have a look at Panama.

WHEN WHAT TO OUR WONDERING (WANDERING?) EYES SHOULD APPEAR? A contest in International Living Magazine. Honestly – I couldn’t believe my eyes. Yes, it felt like Christmas!

So here’s the lowdown. We had to make a 3 minute video saying why we’d like them to choose us. We did that and submitted it at the beginning of April. Then they chose the top 20 videos.

WE’RE IN THE TOP TWENTY!!! (We celebrated…what an honour).

Here’s where you come in….now the videos are posted on the IL website and people are voting on which one they like.


Well, watch the video first, and if you like it….then vote for us.

Here it is…thanks in advance for your support. Feel free to share it with your friends and if they like it maybe they’ll vote too…?!!

Click below.

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