About Me

I like people. I like to connect. Whether it’s a heart to heart or the lightness of Facebook, connecting is good.  I like to inspire and be inspired.  Really, what’s life about if we’re not inspired.  I like change.  I could never figure out why people resist change.

I’m not good at routine.  I feel suffocated if the routine goes on for too long.

I love books, and sometimes I read them.  But I really like owning them.

I love risks and I love people who take risks.  I love to watch my friends growing and changing and following their dreams.  I like doing those things too.

I’m very introspective.  Too much so maybe.  But I’ll try not to think about that for too long.

I’m a spiritual person.  My roots are in Christianity and I honour and appreciate those roots but my thoughts these days are broader than that and I believe truth can be found in many different places.  I’m always exploring spiritual things.  I can’t help it.  It’s a part of me.  Most of what I read is theology or spirituality or biographies.  I try very hard to like fiction.

I’m a foodie.  Love to cook.  Hate to cook when I have to, love to cook for fun, so most of the cooking happens on the weekends and is a joint effort, always with a glass of wine in hand. Love to talk about philosophies around food…vegetarian, health, nutrition, slow food, organic, sustainable farming, etc

I love music.  Particularly I love live music.  I’m amazed at the talented friends I have.  I never feel wealthier than when I’m listening to live music.  I love art and writing in the same way.  Love the way a painting or photograph can take your thoughts in a certain direction and lift your spirits, or the way the turn of a phrase can roll around in my head like wine swirling over the tongue.  Intoxicating.

I love when the arts and the entrepreneurial spirit collide. Sheer beauty.

Oh!!! By “about me” did you mean….?

I am a wife and a mother of 3 gorgeous girls.  Before leaving Canada I was a Realtor for 7 years but  I have also been employed as a Minister, a Business Analyst, a Horticulture Technician, a Landscaper and a waitress as well.  What I’ll do next…well, that’s what this blog will track. You’re welcome to come along for the ride.

13 responses to “About Me

  1. Janice

    I think author comes next! Man, owning all those books sure has turned you into one rivetting writer! More! More! =D

  2. Margot Slade-Scott

    You forgot to mention that you are also one of the best friends anyone can ever know! I am so happy you are creating this forum for us to join in the adventure with you. It makes the thought of you being so far away ……… something better than what it really is. We are so happy that you can follow your bliss for adventure.

    • The feeling is mutual. We’ll miss you. But hey…you don’t get frequent updates of my life now, so maybe you’ll feel even more connected. And, skype. Let’s skype!

  3. Luis

    You and your family are just great people!!!!!!

    We love and miss you every single day in our lives. Enjoy this new adventure, we will be reading this forum.

    Take care.

  4. Hi Tracie-

    Funny to see how much we have in common… just as you’re moving away. Would have been wonderful to share a meal with you. I look forward to following your adventures 🙂

    Peace/Erin (@eatlocalniagara)

    • Maybe we’ll meet sometime in the future Erin over a nice meal. I love the photos on your blog. I haven’t figured that out yet but I will! Thanks for following along. I hope to provide lots of entertainment!

  5. tim

    Tracie, what were u doin in Nicaraugua? we r goin there this fall ,and lookin for a place to volunteer, and live cheaply. Or if u know any other groups in Central or S.amer. let me know, we hav 4 months and a 4×4.
    hugs from your cousin, Tim

    • Hey Tim,

      Nice to hear from you!

      I wasn’t in Nicaragua, only Dave was. He took a class of 15 for 6 weeks this past winter. He taught them how to ‘teach english as a second language’ and they went in to the schools and boosted their curriculum. It’s the poorest country in the Americas so I’m sure there are lots of things to do and pretty much everything is cheap. He had a very specific connection there for students. My daughter was tempted to go down and volunteer at this place http://www.posterojo.com/index.html Sounds interesting! I would love to hear what you end up doing. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

      Never a dull moment eh Tim?

      Thanks for connecting. Keep us posted!

  6. Tracie,
    I love hearing what you guys are doing and resonate with the rootedness and unrootedness in your description. It feels like so much time and distance has passed since both of our families met for Sunday Quest meetings. Now most of those who met that one summer have moved from St. Catharines and some (like yourselves have moved countries). I wanted you to know that we are following and wish you God’s best. Darryl and Lisa

  7. You know i love you and your blog. I want all (10) of my readers to know it!

  8. Tracie, I am going to love learning about you as I just signed up to follow you on your adventures. I am also looking forward to the day we are going to meet. Mike and Susan Herron

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